Point Break 4K Ultra HD, stronger the waves

Same characters, same robberies, same breathtaking extreme scenes, same ambiguity between Good and Evil for this CIA agent who dangerously embraces the hazy theories of his targets, but not at all the same effect for the viewer … Notice to fans, the Ericson Core Point Break (2016) is expected in 4K Ultra HD this summer.

Kathryn Bigelow, director who counts more than ever in Hollywood, to whom we owe Strange Days (1996), Minesweepers (2008) and the powerful Zero Dark Thirty (2012) on the hunt for bin Laden by the CIA, has had to swallow the eyepiece of his camera when he discovered the remake of his own film (Point Break, 1991) by Ericson Core, director of photography for Fast & Furious first of the name and Daredevil.

More beautiful, stronger in 4K?

Certainly, Ericson Core has taken the time and the means to film very close action scenes of breathtaking beauty, with big shots of snow, wingsuit flight, surfing, climbing and of motocross (hence this 4K Ultra HD which should technically really make the joke), but its eco-war fable did not go down in history despite having a budget almost four times that of the original film (100 million dollars against 24).

Perhaps an opportunity to see the film again in a new light… who knows? 4K Ultra HD release at M6 Vidéo on July 6.