PlayStation 5: hard to meet demand, even in 2022

The PlayStation 5 is hard to find in stores, and that could continue next year, says Sony.

Due to a shortage of components - among others - the PlayStation 5 has been difficult to find since its marketing in November. And according to Hiroki Totoki, CFO at Sony, the situation should continue in 2022.

Sony CFO Hiroki Totokin to speak

"I don't think demand will subside this year and even if we manage to produce more PlayStation 5s next year, our supply will not be able to catch up with demand. Totoki privately told a group of analysts after the quarterly earnings announcement at the end of April. That has the merit of being clear.

PS5, the quest for the Grail

Thus, Sony will probably manage - as promised - to increase the stocks of its console, but without necessarily being able to catch up with the demand of fans eager to get their hands on the coveted PlayStation 5. a PS5 will therefore remain a challenge for many months to come. Source: Bloomberg