Smart TV, 76% of American homes equipped

More and more consumers own a Smart TV, even if some do not yet exploit the specificities of the device.

According to Hub Entertainment Research, more and more American households have a Smart TV, surpassing the adoption of connected speakers and other smart devices.

USA, Smart TV in 76% of homes

Thus, 76% of households in the USA claim to have a connected television, compared to 70% last year. The majority of televisions -57%- are Smart TVs, a higher proportion than in 2020 with 45%.

It should be noted that for a long time most Smart TVs were used like normal TVs, with users plugging in external streaming devices and not using the built-in streaming capabilities. But that is also changing. 86% of equipped households use their Smart TV for streaming, up from 75% last year.

USA, equipping homes with connected speakers and Smart Home equipment

Finally, note that 52% of households are equipped with a connected speaker (Amazon Echo, Google Nest, etc.), and 48% have at least one smart home device such as a thermostat, a doorbell or a connected bulb.