Emergency call with an iPhone: a snowboarder had the right reflex, how about you?

For once, the Apple Watch temporarily gives way to its big brother iPhone.

The Apple Watch as a life saver regularly comes up in the news, but this time it's the iPhone that takes on the role of rescuer. And it's not about saving the environment with questionable marketing strategies.

Ah those batteries


While he was snowboarding alone at an altitude of 3,000 m in the Swiss mountains, Tim Blakey -41 years old- fell into an ice hole and fell 4.5 meters. Despite the depth, it still manages to pick up a 3G signal with an iPhone that has only 3% battery left, and water continuously dripping onto the screen of the device. A situation worthy of a dramatic film, but we spoil the outcome for you: it ends well.

The emergency call technique

Blakey then uses the Emergency Call feature of the iPhone and manages to contact the emergency services after 20 minutes, who arrive 45 minutes later to save him. As a reminder, the emergency call is activated by holding the ignition button and a volume button on both sides of the iPhone simultaneously. If the press is held down for a few seconds, the call is made automatically. In the end, Blakey escapes with a ligament injury in his ankle. Source: New York Post