Sonova buys the Sennheiser consumer division (Ambeo, Momentum, etc.)

The German manufacturer Sennheiser announced in February its intention to withdraw from the consumer sector to focus on its historical professional market. A few hours ago, the Swiss company Sonova, specialist in hearing, confirmed the takeover of the consumer division of Sennheiser.

Manufacturer of high-quality consumer audio equipment, in addition to its pro productions, Sennheiser has experienced several commercial failures recently (Ambeo soundbar and True Wireless Momentum headphones), the brand not managing to sufficiently lower its costs of production, therefore its prices.

Sonova-Sennheiser agreement

The management had therefore taken the decision at the beginning of the year to sell its Consumer division, whose turnover was in constant decline (250 million euros for the last financial year), and especially without prospect of profitability in the face of fierce competition in the consumer audio market. This is now done with the takeover of this entity by the Swiss group Sonova, which manufactures hearing aids and cochlear implants. The case was therefore carried out smoothly for the sum of 200 million euros.

Like the buyout of the Onkyo and Pioneer brands by the American group Voxx International (see our news Onkyo / Pioneer buyout by Voxx International and Sharp, this is being confirmed…), this sale is an opportunity to continue operation for the Sennheiser brand. Hoping that Sonova, as the company has stated, preserves the quality of Sennheiser products in the future.