Formula 1 in Lego, life-size!

Almost 300,000 Lego briquettes were needed to make this Formula 1 to scale. Wouldn't miss it rolling.

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix which took place at the start of this weekend, Lego has teamed up with the McLaren Formula 1 team to design this life-size car, made with no less than 288,315 small bricks from the famous Danish brand.

F1 McLaren Lego, 1,893 hours of work

The project was brought to life by a team led by Ryan “Brickman” McNaught of Lego Masters Australia, and took 1,893 hours to complete. The Formula 1 replica cannot be driven but includes many mechanical elements such as moving pistons on the engine, a self-locking differential and a working steering wheel in the cockpit. Note that this cockpit can even accommodate a pilot, Daniel Ricciardo (8 times Grand Prix champion) having played the game for the occasion (see photo below).