Sennheiser Ambeo SoundBar, AirPlay 2 update, Tidal and Spotify

Unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin in September 2018, the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar soundbar benefits from an important Firmware update. As a result, multiple bug fixes of course, but above all new features.

As a reminder, the Ambeo soundbar by Sennheiser has 13-speaker soundbar and provides Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility (see our CES 19 news > Sennheiser Ambeo SoundBar, 13-speaker soundbar, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, availability update and indicative price to find out more).

Sennheiser Ambeo, AirPlay 2 update, Tidal and Spotify

Sonova, the Swiss company that recently owns the Sennheiser consumer division (see our news Sonova buys the Sennheiser consumer division (Ambeo, Momentum, etc.)) announces the availability of a Firmware 1.0.238 update for the bar of his Sennheiser Ambeo. On the program, the addition of AirPlay 2 compatibility, access to Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect music services and a new Samart Control App, the latter can now be connected via Wi-Fi to the Ambeo (and no longer exclusively via Bluetooth) for better responsiveness and quality. Without forgetting of course a multitude of patches appropriate to the various bugs observed by users.

Lastly, the new Smart Control App also offers new possibilities to owners of Sennheiser headphones with the Sound Check and Sound Zones sections.

The availability of this new Firmware is announced for today, March 29, 2022.