LG OLED65C1 review, online

Many of you have been asking us for a test of the LG C1 series Oled televisions in recent weeks. Undoubtedly the drop in price of these models, on the occasion of the upcoming arrival of the C2 vintage 2022 series, is not unrelated to your requests. On the way for a detailed discovery of the LG OLED65C1…

Among your many questions about the LG C1 TV series, there is a recurring one concerning the choice of one of these models with regard to the LG G1 screens with the Evo label and the associated increase in brightness.

Quid du LG OLED65C1 compared to LG OLED65CX and LG OLED65G1? Without revealing further the content of our test, know that if the C1 and G1 televisions definitely do not offer the same level of benefits, there is also a significant price difference between these specimens. At the same time, the C1 screens prove to be unquestionably superior to the CX vintage 2020, the Korean engineers have therefore worked well with an SDR rendering with small onions and a more homogeneous HDR rendering.

The why/how of the change in the size of the TV tests As already mentioned in our previous news to announce the tests of the Samsung QE65QN95A and LG OLED65G1 TVs, the LG OLED65C1 of course benefits from the new diffuser test template. With the desire to make our assessments more accessible via several levels of reading, depending on the timing or the technical level of each. But also to offer a tool to compare one or more references in the same place and, finally, to develop a new scalable database to integrate the new technologies that will inevitably emerge in the TV universe in the months and/or or future years and to adapt to them without compromising the information already compiled. A challenge…

Change of rating system First radical change, the rating of TV tests now adopts a base of 10 and no longer a star scale, which many of you regretted because it was not precise enough. It is indeed difficult to decide between two TVs rated 5 stars or 6 stars. Establishing a true hierarchy will now be easier.

And also to respond to your many requests, the final rating is no longer global, it now materializes the average of the scores obtained by the TV in the different categories of the test, established by us always in agreement with a person skilled in the art, i.e. an image professional. Of course, who says introduction of several notes, says average notation often more severe. A single bad evaluation can indeed “break the average”. However, from now on, all televisions will be measured according to the same protocol. Finally, greater severity also has the merit of preserving a consistency of assessment with future technologies whose technical superiority is known (Micro LED for example) over all the processes currently in vogue.

First level reading Thus, you will notice it when reading our LG OLED65C1 test, a first level of reading indicates with the help of pictograms the areas of predilection of the diffuser, placed just next to its general note. Below this initial information are listed the strengths and weaknesses of the TV, recalled for the most important at the level of the first photo of the test bench. This initial burst of information quickly gives the main characteristics of the product for those who do not wish to go further in the discovery of the test bench.

Second level of reading Then comes a second level of reading with the Technical Verdict section which presents in more detail the capacities of the screen and these performances, in particular the aspects of image processing, Smart TV, audio chapter, connectors... After reading the technical verdict, you will know almost everything about the features of the TV and its faculties.

Third level of reading Third level of reading, finally, for the most technically savvy who wish to know precisely the aptitudes of the television, in particular before and after professional calibration (we told you, no question of making concessions on the benchmarks of the TV, cf. introduction of our technical verdict where the various materials used to carry out our measurements are specified). We repeat, a pro calibration is the only way to appreciate the audio-video experience offered by a television out of the box and, after calibration, to really know what it has in store.

Last details, as mentioned in the introduction to this news, our work as Romains on the TV test template is not yet finished. The screen comparison function remains to be developed. We are on it but it will intervene in a second time (it does not interfere with the publication of the tests one after the other).

In the meantime, the editorial staff of invites you to discover the fruit of its work and the test, always hyper-complete, of the LG OLED65C1 TV by clicking on the following link: LG OLED65C1