For the first time, 5G smartphones outsell 4G models

In January 2022, the inflection point was reached when the sales rate of 5G smartphones finally exceeded that of 4G models.

According to figures from Counterpoint Research, global sales of 5G smartphones first exceeded those of 4G models as recently as January 2022. China, North America and Europe were the biggest drivers of this growth.

China 5G market leader, Apple 5G smartphone leader

China is the biggest 5G market, with a sales rate of 84% in January, thanks in particular to the push by Chinese operators towards this standard, as well as the availability of smartphone models at competitive prices. North America and Europe achieved a penetration rate of 73% and 76% respectively. iPhones dominate the 5G segment in these markets, with market shares of 50% in the USA, and 30% in Europe.