Sony SRS-XP700 / XP500 / XG500: new range of party speakers

Sony presents its new range of loudspeakers for parties, resistant, easily transportable and can be positioned indifferently in a vertical or horizontal position.

The new range of X-series Bluetooth speakers from Sony consists of three references, all equipped with the X-Balanced system. Their non-circular diaphragm increases sound pressure and decreases audio distortion by maximizing speaker area, resulting in richer, clearer sound. They also adopt the Mega Bass function which reinforces the bass and are provided with a handle for easy transport.

Also note, light effects synchronized with the music, and the Party Connect mode to connect up to 100 compatible speakers, able to synchronize with the music and the lights.

The SRS-XP700 model (see photo above) features omnidirectional sound with three High Efficiency tweeters at the front and a High Efficiency tweeter at the rear. Its IPX4 index allows it to resist water and it can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The SRS-XP500 (see photo at the bottom of this news), also IPX4, is for its part equipped with two High Efficiency tweeters as well as passive radiators optimized to reproduce clear bass. Finally, the SRS-XG500 (see photos below) is resistant to water and dust with its IP66 rating.

In addition to Bluetooth compatibility, they all have a USB port to access music files stored on a suitable key, a carrying handle plus a long-lasting battery.

Availability announced for the month of June. Indicative prices: 500 € for the Sony SRS-XP700, 350 € for the Sony SRS-XP500 and 450 € for the Sony SRS-XG500.