Hang a piece of Squid Game in your home

French photographer Fabien Dendiével captured a remarkable place and architecture which largely inspired the writer and the decorators of the South Korean series Squid Game.

The Squid Game series (which we no longer present) is particularly known for its graphic violent outbursts, its flashy colors and its creepy decorations yet inspired by simple children's games. In particular the famous labyrinthine stairs used by the unfortunate "candidates" to participate in the tests and try to survive one more day.

A set signed Ricardo Boffil

A magnificent numbered and signed photograph by photographer Fabien Dendiével shows us the origins of this very cinematographic setting largely inspired by Muralla Roja, a building complex of around fifty apartments signed by Barcelona architect Ricardo Boffil in the 1970s. The set, located in the heart of the seaside resort of Calpe in Spain, also hosts numerous clips and shoots, attracted by the hyper-graphic lines and the immediately recognizable pastel pink tones of Muralla Roja.

Some travelers advise to sleep there in order to soak up the place and make the most of the Muralla Roja experience without disturbing the locals too much. The Discover Together blog notably stayed at this dream Air B&B.

Muralla Roja at your place

Coming back to photographer Fabien Dendiével, we strongly advise you to take a look at his very cinematographic Instagram and his website, where you can find his limited and numbered print of Muralla Roja sold at the indicative price of 200 euros (40 x 50 cm).