PlayStation 5 Pro and Slim, video concepts

Artist's impression of what future evolutions of the Sony PlayStation 5 console could look like.

In collaboration with the Let's Go Digital site, Youtubeur Jermaine Smit of the Concept Creator YouTube channel has designed impressive 3D renderings of two consoles that do not yet exist: the PlayStation 5 Pro and the PlayStation 5 Slim.

PS5 Pro, 8K lens

These two future iterations of Sony's PS5 are already at the center of many rumors: the PS5 Pro is thus the equivalent of the PS4 Pro for the PlayStation 4, and could arrive in 2023, 2024 at the latest, with a goal in mind, the 8K. FYI, late 2023 early 2024 is expected a new graphics architecture at AMD, the supplier of the current Zen 2 processor with an RDNA 2 graphics chip. The timing would therefore be perfect.

PS5 Slim end of 2022?

This PS5 Pro could represent a bigger technical leap than the PS4 Pro in its day, and it is expected to cost over $ 600. As for the PlayStation 5 Slim - less cumbersome version of the PS5 - it could be released at the end of 2022. An evolution of the console all that there is more credible, Sony having already operated in this way for all its previous PlayStation consoles.