Live remake of the Dinner of Cons on Fox News with the Netflix You series (laughter guaranteed)

The stupid dinner comes to Fox News Live with a story of measles on Netflix. You do not understand anything ? We explain it to you and it's very (very) funny.

An excerpt from Fox News Live has been touring the world since yesterday, such a funny video which -if it turns out- largely rises to the level of our national stupid dinner.

"Just You"

Discovered through the gossipnetflixfr account, the extract in question and the general confusion that ensues revolve around You, the Netflix series with Penn Badgley, a sort of sub-Dexter of which an episode of season 3 deals vaguely with the measles (telling other parents to avoid contamination or not telling them to keep your social life, that is the question). A series that the presenter obviously does not know, which is not a crime either. One thing's for sure, it's hilarious.