Hisense Laser TV 88 '' / 100 '' / 120 '' refund offer, up to € 500 refunded

On October 1, 2021, the manufacturer Hisense extended its refund offer on three of its Laser TV models. To this first good news was added a second, this offer then concerned the entire Laser TV range, premium triple laser TriChroma 100 '' / 120 '' specimens included.

Namely, the Hisense 120L9GA12, Hisense 100L9GA12, Hisense 120L5F-B12, Hisense 100L5F-A12 and Laser TV 88L5VG Laser TVs (click to know more about the products) come with their CLR (Ceiling Rejecting Light) display from a respective diagonal of 120 '' (305 cm), 100 '' (254 cm) and 88 '' (88 '', 224 cm). On the 88L5VG model, the screen also incorporates DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker) technology to create a 180 ° sound environment directly from the screen.

More generally, you can click on the link of our file The ultra-short throw projector replaces the TV in living rooms to find out all about the Laser TV concept allowing you to enjoy a very large image in your living room, for a small footprint minimum.

Details of the offer are available on the brand's website:

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