6G: development in progress

The 5G network is still in full development as big tech companies -Samsung, nVidia and others- are already working on 6G.

After contributing to the development of the technology behind the new 5G mobile communication network, the University of Texas announces its collaboration with industry giants -Samsung, AT&T, nVidia, Qualcomm and InterDigital- for the launch of 6G @UT, a new research center to lay the foundations for what will be the 6G network.

There is strength in unity… and 6G

With new technologies on the horizon - autonomous cars, flying taxis, holographic video conferencing, augmented reality, robotics and more - an even faster mobile network will prove to be essential. The private partners of the university will each finance several projects for three years in this new center. Researchers from the companies mentioned will work hand in hand with those at the university to develop AI algorithms and network innovations to form the backbone of the future 6G.