Foldable battery in the future foldable iPhone

Apple continues to file patents suggesting the company is actively working on a foldable iPhone.

Apple will probably one day release its foldable-screen iPhone, caring little about the lead of its competitors and preferring to focus on a product that will meet the company's high standards. Latest clue, a recently filed patent describing a battery capable of folding and thus positioning itself between two parts of a foldable mobile.

One battery but foldable

The battery depicted in the document has the particularity of a thinner middle section which is positioned at the level of the hinges and which can thus be folded. This will allow Apple to use a single battery rather than one in each section, in order to save valuable space in these devices where space is at a premium.

A single battery for more autonomy

The patent does not go into detail about the chemical properties of the battery, focusing instead on its mechanical aspects. And while including two batteries rather than one might seem like a simpler approach, Apple says the technology helps increase battery capacity while "allowing mechanical flexibility." CQFD !. Source: Phone Arena