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LX1 and The Medialight MK2 Flex LED strips, voice controller and Wi-Fi available

Remotely and / or by voice control the lighting of the LX1 or The Medialight MK2 Flex light strip around the back of your television.

Good news, the Medialight and LX1 LED light strips (click on the product references to find out all about these essential accessories that prevent eye fatigue and magnify the perceived contrast for an unprecedented video show) can now be controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi controller (see photo below) which replaces the original switch or dimmer.

Wireless and / or voice on / off

This add-on allows the ignition as well as the intensity adjustment via a free iOS / Android application. It also allows these same commands to be carried out via voice control with Siri (Apple devices), Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (provided you have a compatible connected speaker). Available at an indicative price of 14 euros.

Take advantage of -15% reduction…

Last precision, if at the same time as the purchase of the Wi-Fi controller, you order a 2nd article from the French distributor (LX1 or Medialight), you will then benefit from a reduction of -15% on both, applied automatically:

• LX1 LED strip from 1 m to 6 m (your choice), from € 23.90 to € 53.90

• The Medialight MK2 Flex from 1 m to 6 m (your choice) , from € 39 to € 134

• Wi-Fi controller for The Medialight MK2 Flex or LX1