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Marantz VS3003, 8K / 60 3-in / 1-out HDMI switch

Marantz introduces a small box capable of adding additional Ultra HD 8K HDMI inputs to existing Marantz 8K products.

The size of a Blu-Ray box in width and depth, the Marantz VS3003 is a 3-in / 1-out 8K Ultra HD HDMI switch for connecting up to three 8K / 60Hz and 4K / 120 source devices Hz to a Marantz entertainment system.

Marantz VS3003 8K HDMI Switch

The front panel finish is brushed aluminum and the device comes with an IR remote control to change inputs. Note that it is also “controllable” via the audio-video receiver's remote control, and that it is compatible with HDMI CEC commands. Finally, note that it comes with brackets for wall mounting, and that it is possible to connect an IR repeater.

List of compatible Marantz amplifiers / tuners, pre-amplifiers and audio-video amplifiers: • Marantz AV8805A

• Marantz AV7706

• Marantz SR8015

• Marantz SR7015

• Marantz SR6015

• Marantz SR5015 / DAB

• Marantz NR1711

Available announced for the month of October 2021. Indicative price: 199 euros.