Check out the very first Gladiator II trailer

Paramount has just revealed the first trailer for the Gladiator sequel soberly titled Gladiator II and directed by Ridley Scott. Even if we don't take the same ones and start again, it looks pretty good.

She just fell. Still very hot, this trailer for Gladiator II already offers enough highlights, notably a fight scene against a rhinoceros which promises to be epic, and links with the first opus directed by Ridley Scott, for us to be reassured : it's going to be tough and the sequences in the arena are really tempting.

Pedro Pascal is already breaking the screen££££

In terms of actors, if Denzel Washington seems inhabited by his role, Paul Mescal is obviously not Russell Crowe. On the other hand, Pedro Pascal devours every scene in which he appears, he literally bursts the screen as a Roman general full of doubts. We will have to wait until November 13 to find out for sure.

From legendary director Ridley Scott, Gladiator II continues its epic dive into Ancient Rome against a backdrop of power, intrigue and revenge. Years after witnessing the death of revered hero Maximus at the hands of his uncle, Lucius (Paul Mescal) is forced into the Colosseum when his country is conquered by the tyrannical emperors who now rule Rome with an iron fist . With rage in his heart and the future of the Empire at stake, Lucius must turn to his past to find the strength and honor to restore the glory of Rome to his people.