LG G4 Evo, Ultra HD 4K Oled TV: price update

The indicative prices for LG G4 televisions, from the Oled star TV series at the CES show in Las Vegas 2024, are now known.

To make a long story short, the LG G4 Oled TV series offers exactly the specifications of the LG M4 with one major difference: the absence of a remote box. The electronics and (richer) connectivity are therefore integrated into the television chassis.

LG G4 Oled TV and Peak Highlighter, light peak at 3,000 nits££££

The light peak of LG G4 TVs was announced to be 150% greater than that of LG B4 references. We now know that it can reach 3,000 nits. We will therefore not have to wait long to know the peak light value of the new LG G4 televisions (and LG M4 at the same time) equipped with the latest generation of Oled Meta 2.0/MLA+ panel (except the 97'' specimen) signed LG Display.

A few hours after Samsung Display's announcement on the peak light capabilities of its new QD Oled TV panels, capable of reaching more than 3,000 nits, LG Display responded head-to-head via a press release with exactly the same value, 3,000 nits for its White Oled technology. As a reminder, this figure is in line with our news published on the subject at the end of November (see our CES 24 news > Oled TV LG C4 and LG G4: 144 Hz and 3,000 nits on the menu…).

Precision, thanks to the function called Peak Highlighter, the peak light of LG G4 TVs at +150% compared to that of LG B4 TVs (or 3,000 nits) is measured for an APL of 3% (window of white occupying 3% of the screen area). Interesting for giving even more pep to reflections or specular lights (a starry sky, the reflection of the sun on a windshield or an aluminum bumper, etc.).

LG G4 Oled TV and Highlighter Color, always vibrant colors££££

In addition to the new Peak Highlighter function, LG G4 Oled televisions offer the Highlighter Color function for always rich colors even in bright areas of the the image. With the latter, LG wants to remedy one of the main defects of White Oled technology, a fading of colors associated with the light peak. The reason is simple, to obtain a significant light peak, the white sub-pixel is used more and takes precedence over the other RGB sub-pixels.

TV Oled LG G4, Brightness Booster Max and MLA££££

As a reminder, the Brightness Booster Max mode appearing in 2023 on the LG G3/M3 series relies heavily on the MLA process (for Metal Illuminated Lens Array ). The latter lies in the addition to the Oled TV panel of micro-lenses whose purpose is to optimize the path of the light generated by the diodes, to direct it in its entirety towards the outside, i.e. the panel side . Thus, if leaving the factory, a classic Oled panel displays a light peak of around 800 nits and an Oled EX 1,000 nits, a panel equipped with micro-lenses would reach 2,100 nits in 2023, says LG Display. Another positive point is that this better light efficiency also has an impact on energy efficiency, which is again improving, for lower final consumption. Of course, as in 2022 and 2023, the Max suffix also indicates the presence of a heat sink to cool the organic diodes which are very sensitive to heat.

LG G4 Oled TV, what diagonals?££££

The LG G4 Oled TV series has five references for as many diagonals, exactly like the LG G3 in 2023: LG OLED55G4 (55'', 140 cm) , LG OLED65G4 (65'', 165 cm), LG OLED77G4 (77'', 196 cm), LG OLED83G4 (83'', 211 cm) and LG OLED97G4 (97'', 246 cm). Precision, as for the LG M4 series, the OLED97G4 model does not have Brightness Booster Max (Oled Meta) technology.

Oled TV LG G4, Alpha 11££££

The new chip present in LG G4 Oled TVs is not called Alpha 10 (see our LG Oled TV news 2024, powerful Alpha 10 processor on the menu ) as anticipated by the Korean press last school year, but Alpha 11. Its power, says LG, is much greater than that of the Alpha 9: performance in terms of artificial intelligence 4x higher, graphics performance 1.7x higher, 1.3x more raw power and 2.5 gigabytes of RAM.

These TVs feature Dynamic Tone Mapping Oled Pro, Dynamic Sound Booster, AI Clear Sound (with Voice Remastering mode to improve the clarity of dialogue) and Virtual Surround 11.1.2. Likewise, AI Super Upscaling processing replaces AI Upscaling with many improvements (Pixel Detection Upscaling + Visual Detection, Frame + Object Detection Upscaling). We can also cite the AI Directors Processing functionality (to respect the tone of the image desired by the director or the DoP).

LG G4 Oled TV, main specifications££££

For the rest of the specifications, the LG G4 Oled televisions integrate the new WebOS interface which will be updated for the next four years (see our news CES 24 > LG WebOS Re:New function, 4 years of updates guaranteed), HDR Dolby Vision (now active with Filmmaker mode), HDR Dolby Vision Gaming (120 Hz), HDR Dolby Vision IQ, HDR HLG, Dolby Atmos compatibility. All implemented through a native 10-bit Ultra HD 4K flat 144 Hz Oled panel (except for the 97'', capped at 120 Hz) with almost complete coverage of the DCI-P3 color space (99%). We also note the certification with the recent Matter home automation standard.

As for flagship services, GeForce Now, Shadow, Blacknut and Utomik Cloud are still present. Ditto for the 2024 vintage Game Optimizer mode which brings together all the TV settings involved with a video game signal and allows the user to configure them individually as they wish. In 2024, LG G4 TVs will benefit from a preview of VRR G-Sync 144 Hz certification (except of course the 97'') in addition to AMD FreeSync Premium. LG G4 TVs are Intertek certified, a label which guarantees a response time of less than 0.1 ms, coverage of the Adobe RGB gamut greater than 90% and accuracy of the EOTF curve above 90%.

Wowcast certified LG G4 Oled TV ££££

In 2024, LG is introducing the Wowcast function into its G4 televisions and many of its soundbars. This allows a wireless connection between a TV and a suitable soundbar (see our CES 24 news > 10 LG soundbars: LG S95TR, LG S90TY, LG SG10T, LG S77TY, LG S70TR, LG S70TY, LG S60TR, LG S60T and LG S40T/S20T…), capable of transferring a Lossless Dolby Atmos or DTS:X signal, a first.

Oled G4 TV, ThinQ AI Smart TV ££££

The LG OLED G4 screens of course offer the LG ThinQ AI 2024 function with integrated Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These voice assistants are both accessible directly on the remote control via a dedicated button but also through the TV, without the need for the zappette. In addition to communicating by voice directly with its screen, such as with a Google Home or Amazon Echo speaker, it is possible to control other Google Assistant and Alexa certified devices shared on the local network by voice through the television. Everything allows access to the internet and specific services (LG App Store online store, chat on social networks, etc.), or even directly to the web as on a computer. Of course, Miracast, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6e, Chromecast (built-in), AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are back on the menu.

Otherwise, ThinQ AI has its own artificial intelligence module to easily and quickly control the TV. But the Conversational mode available on Alexa and even more so on Google Assistant is not appropriate here. ThinQ AI is perfect for giving an order to the TV, for example "Turn up the volume" or "Activate Cinema mode", but it is Google Assistant who takes control during a more in-depth question, on an actor displayed on the screen. screen or more generally to search for information related or not to the content broadcast. We must also not forget that the Magic Remote incorporates a microphone for ergonomics, via voice control, which is always excellent.

LG G4 Oled TV, and the rest?££££

For the rest, we find on the LG G4 TVs a simple DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C tuner, an Auto Level function ( to avoid sudden changes in sound volume when changing sources), Fransat and Canal Ready certifications, HBBTV compatibility, DVR function to record your favorite programs via one of the three USB Host 2.0 ports on a suitable key or an external HDD, all associated with the Time Shifting function. Of course, a virtual keyboard is available via the LG Remote iOS/Android/Windows Phone application to use suitable smartphones/tablets as remote controls.

Finally, if LG does not give details on the Input Lag of 2024 Oled TVs, it should at least be at the level of that of 2022 TVs, i.e. around 10 ms (6 ms in 4K/120 ) with HDR Game mode.

LG G4 Oled TV, HDMI 2.1/HDCP 2.3££££

The connectivity of the LG G4 screens brings together four HDCP 2.3 certified HDMI CEC 2.1 inputs, including one with the eARC function. There is also an optical output, plus three USB Host ports (including one 3.0) compatible with Fat32 and NTFS, a CI+ port and an Ethernet port. In addition to VP9 and AV1, MP3, AAC, PCM, WMA, VC-1 and Jpeg compatibility are ensured, with the MKV container.

Finally, LG G4 televisions benefit from the five-year Oled Premium warranty ensuring a standard exchange of the panel in the event of a problem. More details at the CES show in Las Vegas next week.

More details on the technical characteristics in a future news.

Availability announced for the end of April. Indicative prices:

• €2,799 for the LG OLED55G4

• €3,599 for the LG OLED65G4

• €4,999 for the LG OLED77G4

• €6,999 for the LG OLED83G4

• €24,999 for the LG OLED97G4