LG QNED91T Mini LED TV, price update

Like the prices of the LG G4 and LG C4 Oled TV series, the indicative prices of the LG QNED91T Mini LED TV series, presented at the CES show in Las Vegas 2024, are now known.

Namely, the LG QNED90T LCD TV series therefore changes its name to adopt the suffix 91T instead of 90T. For the rest, nothing changes. The LG QNED91T series therefore has three references as announced at CES, the LG 65QNED91T (65'', 165 cm), LG 75QNED91T (75'', 191 cm) and LG 86QNED91T (86'', 218 cm). The chef's surprise lies in the presence on the first two named, the 65''/75'' models, of a VA LCD panel whereas the LG brand until then only had IPS LCD panels in its ranks. This situation is explained by the fact that the manufacturer LG Display (a subsidiary of LG Group) only produces IPS LCD panels, a technology developed by itself.

LG QNED91T, 65'' and 75'' with VA LCD panels££££

Times are changing and the 2024 TV range signed LG Electronics will therefore welcome VA LCD panels on the LG 65QNED91T/LG 75QNED91T, the remaining LG 86QNED91T specimen of IPS obedience. Please note, LG cannot yet confirm that the 65/75QNED91T will feature a VA panel in all the countries where these TVs will be distributed, but this should be the case in the brand's main markets. Namely, LG presented in Germany a 98QNED89T TV (98'', 249 cm), also built around a VA LCD panel (a priori signed CSOT, a subsidiary of TCL). At the time of writing these lines, we do not know if this enormous television will be distributed in France.

Why this change of heart on the part of LG, some will ask? This is undoubtedly linked to the gradual (but rapid) exit announced by LG Display from the LCD TV panel market, a sector with extremely high competition from Chinese manufacturers.

LG QNED91T, main specifications££££

For the rest, nothing changes. The LG QNED TV series always top the brand's LCD range. The QNED91T screens incorporate most of the specifications of the QNED85T modulo several major differences. The first concerns the backlighting: a Mini LED system (called Precision Dimming at LG) instead of an Edge Local Dimming LED. Likewise, the technology called QNED Color of the QNED85T gives way to the QNED Color Pro which replaces that Quantum Dot Nanocell Color presented last year.

Of course, the Nanocell process intended to offer extremely pure RGB colors for a very natural and dynamic on-screen rendering, by eliminating the wavelengths corresponding to the yellow color thanks to a layer of nanoparticles 1 nm thick (to obtain very pure green and red hues), is always required.

We also note that the 2024 design of QNED TVs allows two TV positions, 35 mm or 75 mm high, to easily accommodate a sound bar.

LG QNED91T, new Alpha 8 processor ££££

We find on the QNED91T screens the new Alpha 8 processor, a mix between last year's Alpha 7 Gen 4 and the current Alpha 9 Gen 7 on the new LG QNED99T series 2024 Ultra HD 8K, the presentation of which is to come. On the menu, the integration of many of the AI Picture and AI Sound features of the second name, for example the Dynamic Tone Mapping process and numerous artificial intelligence treatments, AI Super Upscaling for the image or 9.1 virtual surround sound .2, the AI Clear Sound or the Dynamic Sound Booster. Without forgetting of course AI ThinQ and the WebOS interface which we will return to in more detail in future news. Ultimately, the Alpha 8 chip turns out to be 30% more efficient for AI functions than the Alpha 7 of previous QNED generations, with 2.3 times greater graphics capabilities and 60% greater overall speed.

Otherwise, LG announces that the Alpha 8 identifies faces and text displayed on the screen even more precisely to optimize settings. The result is an expected increase in sharpness and a complexion that is never found wanting.

LG QNED91T, Dolby Vison HDR and Dolby Atmos sound££££

Unlike the QNED85T screens, the LG QNED91T does offer Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos compatibility. In the audio chapter, little information from LG, the sound section should be 2.2 and deliver a power of 40 watts. However, check.

LG QNED91T, native 10-bit 100/120 Hz IPS LCD panel££££

In addition to a Mini LED backlighting system already mentioned, LG QNED91T TVs are built from an Ultra HD 10 IPS LCD panel native 100/120 Hz bits and a simple DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C tuner. Plus Canal Ready and Fransat certifications.

LG QNED91T, ThinQ AI Smart TV on the menu ££££

We also find the new ThinQ AI 2024 platform equipped with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa accessible directly on the remote control via a dedicated button. Of course, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are on the menu. Everything allows access to the internet and specific services (LG App Store online store, chat on social networks, etc.), or even directly to the web as on a computer. Finally, Wisa compatibility for connecting wireless speakers and the Home Dashboard function to view at a glance all the equipment connected and/or connected to the screen are included.

Also present, HBBTV compatibility and the UPnP (DLNA) multimedia gateway function associated with Miracast, Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 5.0 APT-X compatibility. The latter allows the pairing of headphones, a suitable speaker or the activation of the LG Sound Sync function to connect, for example, a wireless compatible soundbar to the TV. Or, via the Bluetooth Surround function, you can assign LG Bluetooth speakers as surround speakers to recreate a multi-channel audio configuration. Not forgetting the Magic Remote with integrated microphone for greatly improved ergonomics in voice control.

Also worth mentioning, the DVR function for recording your favorite programs via one of the three USB Host ports on a suitable key or an external hard drive, and the Time Shifting function.

LG QNED91T, zoom on the connections ££££

Good news, the power of the Alpha 8 processor allows the presence of four HDMI CEC 2.1 inputs (including one with the eARC function), all HDCP 2.3 compatible. Classically, VRR management (active from 40 Hz to 120 Hz) is offered with Freesync compatibility and HGiG (HDR Gaming interest) certification.

The rest of the connectivity, not specified by the manufacturer LG, should also include an optical output plus three Fat32 and NTFS compatible USB Host ports, an RS-232C socket and an Ethernet port. Likewise, MP3, AAC, Dolby Digital, WMA, VP9, HEVC, Xvid, VC-1, Mpeg, Mpeg 2, Mpeg 4 and Jpeg compatibility should be ensured. To be checked later.

Availability announced for the month of May. Indicative prices: €1,999 for the LG 65QNED91T, €2,999 for the LG 75QNED91T and €3,999 for the LG 86QNED91T.

Reminder of the key characteristics of LG QNED91T TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• LCD panel

• Ultra HD/4K panel

• 120 Hz panel

• Processor: Alpha 8

• Wide Color Gamut function

• UPnP (DLNA) multimedia gateway function

• eARC function

• VRR function

• ALLM (Auto Low) function Latency Mode)

• WCG NanoCell Color function

• Time Shifting function

• LG Sound Sync Wireless function

• Quantum Dots function

• Game Optimizer function

• AI Sound Pro function

• AI Super Upscaling function

• HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping function

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

• VP9 compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• HEVC compatibility

• HBBTV compatibility

• Fransat compatibility

• CEC compatibility

• Canal Ready compatibility

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Wi compatibility -Fi ac

• Miracast compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• Dolby Atmos compatibility

• Bluetooth Surround compatibility

• FreeSync Premium compatibility

• HGiG compatibility

• Filmmaker Mode Certification

• Outputs: 1 optical

• Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs, 3 USB Host ports compatible with Fat32 and NTFS, 1 RS-232C and 1 Ethernet port

• AirPlay 2 multimedia

• HomeKit multimedia

• Works with Alexa multimedia

• Works with Hey Google multimedia

• LG ThinQ AI multimedia

• WebOS 24 multimedia

• Mini LED Local Dimming backlight system

• Motion Pro

• Mini LED technology: yes

• DVB-T2 tuner

• DVB-C tuner

• Tuner DVB-S2

• Sound section: 2.2

• Power: 40 W