Editor’s selection: our latest Easter temptations…

This year, on the Easter menu, the bunnies will not always be chocolate and the eggs even less appetizing... House selection for a good Easter on the movie side.

Since it is above all a Christian holiday, a quick overview to begin with two moving and controversial works around Christ.

The last temptation of Christ What if Jesus had taken the route of ordinary mortals rather than the inscrutable ways of God his father? Made in 1988, Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ follows a dubious and questioning man (magnificently played by Willem Dafoe) until the climactic moment of his crucifixion. The divine mission will take place in music (unforgettable soundtrack by Peter Gabriel) in an absolutely spectacular explosion of colors.

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The Passion of the Christ Another biblical parenthesis with gore effects and unleashing of barbarity, The Passion of the Christ (2004) by Mel Gibson focused around the last twelve (atrocious) hours of the life of Jesus. If we criticize it for historical inaccuracies and a certain indulgence in violence, the film will have unleashed criticism and the religious sphere upon its release.

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Hank and MikeLet's return to our rabbits with the pink and shocking tandem, Hank and Mike by Matthiew Klinck (2008). Two old friends (Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini) work as Easter bunnies and get fired overnight. From thankless little jobs to total discomfiture, the pair will try everything to recover their fleece rabbit costume.

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AlienBefore becoming the eighth passenger aboard the Nostromo, Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979), the terrifying creature created by HR Giger, nests in a disgusting egg in the larval stage. Capable of detecting the forms of life around him, facehugger bursts from his organic shell to begin a carnage which will extend over six opuses (including the first three - Scott, Cameron, Fincher - absolutely remarkable). A seventh opus, Alien: Romulus, is planned for this summer with Fede Alvarez (the remake of Evil Dead) at the helm.

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CocoonWe will end on a lighter note with Cocoon by Ron Howard (1985), or when the residents of a retirement home come across alien eggs at the bottom of a swimming pool. Symbols of rebirth, which are also immersed in water, the big coconuts will give wings to our sick and aging grandpas. A cult film from the attic which will still see a sequel with Cocoon the Return, directed by Daniel Petrie three years later. Available on Blu-Ray from Arcadès