Samsung Galaxy S24 x Tesla Cybertruck

Improbable and eye-catching mixtures are the specialty of this Russian company which gives the Galaxy S24 smartphone the design of a Tesla Cybertruck. Downright.

Specializing in luxurious modifications of technological gadgets, the Russian company Caviar has a habit of reverse-engineering smartphones to transform them into veritable ostentatious accessories, replacing basic exterior materials with showy works of art made of noble metals and adorned with precious stones.

It's working for Caviar££££

Latest model to date, the Samsung Galaxy S24 modified to integrate the design codes of Tesla's brutal-futuristic Cybertruck vehicle. Entirely designed in titanium, the type used in the aeronautics industry, the case is decorated with red and white enamel touches to emulate the car's headlights.

Limited to 99 copies, the Galaxy S24 Cyber is available depending on version from €8,000 (indicative price). Too expensive ? The company offers a 15% discount if you pay in cryptocurrency. It's normal in Russia.