Europe Vs Apple, it’s not over…

After a first round of modifications to comply with European legislation, Apple continues to prepare new changes to its ecosystem.

iOS17.4 arrived a short time ago with its share of radical changes (we detail them here) to comply with the new European DMA (Digital Markets Act) legislation which requires more openness to avoid abuses anti-competitive.

iOS, the main changes to come to meet the European DMA££££

And it's not over because Apple is preparing other changes to meet all of Europe's demands. The company recently published a report which details the upcoming changes, including the possibility of permanently deleting the Safari browser on iPhone, something currently impossible, and which should arrive before the end of 2024. Another big development planned for the start of the 2025 school year, make data migration between iPhone and Android devices easier for users who “switch sides”. To this end, Apple will draw inspiration from the solutions currently offered by other companies in order to migrate all of the data, even those that until now could not be transferred.

While these features will arrive in Europe, it is not clear whether they will be available to the rest of iPhone users around the world.