Bose Ultra Open, True Wireless headphones and fashion accessories

Bose presents its latest “open” True Wireless headphones, featuring a design that is out of the ordinary, called Ultra Open.

The new Bose Ultra Open Bluetooth 5.3 headphones feature a unique cuff-shaped design with soft, polished edges and a beautiful brushed metallic finish. Note that they have the particularity of not being inserted into the ear canal, instead being attached to the side of the ear, like real earrings.

Bose Ultra Open, exclusive Bose OpenAudio and Bose Immersive Audio processes££££

This “Open” system allows you to stay connected to your environment, and Bose's exclusive OpenAudio technology ensures clear sound, with minimal of sound leakage to the outside. Also note software processing of digital signals exclusive to Bose, as well as Bose Immersive Audio, placing the user virtually in the ideal acoustic zone, as if the music was being played in front of you, for three-dimensional listening.

Bose Ultra Open, battery life££££

Bose Ultra Open battery life is 7.5 hours when Bose Immersive Audio is disabled (up to 4.5 hours enabled), and the charging case provides up to 19.5 additional hours (or 12 hours of Immersive Audio). Namely, a charge of only 10 n offers two additional hours of listening.

A word to Raza Haider, product manager at Bose££££

“The One-Bud phenomenon is very real. We know that people want to be able to listen to music while being connected to the world around them, said Raza Haider, product manager at Bose. We are committed to completely reinventing the future of portable audio by delivering a better, more beautiful and more comfortable solution, combining the best of both worlds. The Bose Ultra Open Headphones do just that. Now you can enjoy your music and the life around you at the same time."

IPX4 certified (water and perspiration resistance), the Ultra Open from Bose are already available in black or white. Indicative price: 349 euros.