Samsung Galaxy Ring, on the finger and the eye

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2024 show which is being held from Monday February 26 until February 29 in Bercelona, Samsung is revealing new details on its connected ring which will be released later in the year.

It's been a while since a Smart Ring, ring or connected ring, signed Samsung has been making the rounds of rumors, after its furtive appearance at the presentation conference of its latest Galaxy S24 smartphones last January which the manufacturer briefly announced the famous wearable to wear around the finger.

Teasing Samsung Smart Ring at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona££££

On the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Samsung is revealing a little more, without going into detail. The brand released some official photos (below) and showed non-functional prototypes to a few journalists on site. They were able to admire Ceramic Black, Platinum Silver and Gold finishes, around a plastic structure. A metal feel may be added to the final version for a more luxurious appearance.

Samsung Smart Ring, zoom on the design££££

On the design side, we also note a concave surface to limit scratches, and a plastic interior including the various sensors making it possible to track in particular the number of steps, the blood oxygen levels, skin temperature and menstrual cycle. On the sleep side, the device goes further than the Galaxy Watch by monitoring breathing rhythm, heart rhythm, nocturnal movements and sleep latency.

Samsung Smart Ring, availability in August ?££££

No price is announced at the moment and as for the date, it is expected that the gadget will be launched at the same time as the new ones foldable screen smartphones Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 next August.