Tablet market, completely flat

While a rebound is expected for 2024, tablet sales had a mixed year in 2023.

Confirming the negative trend observed last August, the Canalys firm paints a gloomy picture for tablet sales worldwide for the year 2023. In total 135.3 million tablets were sold, or 10% less than 'in 2022.

The Chinese on the rise, Apple and Samsung on the decline££££

The result is in line with a declining distribution -again- for the fourth quarter of 2023, 11% lower than that of the same period last year. Chinese manufacturers are doing well despite everything, with 95% growth in distribution for Huawei. Apple, however, remains the leader in market share, despite a decline of 24% compared to the previous year. Samsung is second, again with an 11% drop. a topic that major tablet vendors need to pay attention to, said Kieren Jessop, an analyst at Canalys. Plans for integrating AI into tablets lag behind those of PCs and smartphones. Bringing this functionality to all devices will be crucial for providers aiming to deliver a unified and seamless experience across ecosystems. Furthermore, this year will see a greater emphasis on foldable tablets. While shipping volumes will likely remain limited due to the premium pricing of these models, they will provide an opportunity for vendors to showcase user experience benefits for content consumption, learning, and productivity. .