Apple Vision Pro 2, at the start of the 2025 school year at best

It's not immediately that Apple's new mixed reality headset will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone, namely arriving in a new iteration every 12 months.

According to the latest indiscretions collected by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the second generation of the Apple Vision Pro headset will not be launched before the next 18 months, or not before the end of 2025 at the earliest. As a reminder, other sources see the next version arriving only in 2027, while a model with a more accessible price and reduced features would arrive in 2025.

Apple Vision Pro 2, product mix defined by the users?££££

Before launching the Apple Vision Pro 2, the Californian company really wants to know what would make customers interested in it. Apple will therefore take advantage of this first generation to garner as much feedback as possible from its owners and draw many lessons from it in order to decide which features to keep, possibly remove or add, in order to produce a version that is truly in line with user expectations.