2 TB of storage on iPhone 16 Pro, it’s becoming clearer

Until now limited to 1 TB of maximum storage memory, iPhones could increase to 2 TB with the iPhone 16 Pro next school year.

After launching an ultimately unproven prediction regarding the storage capacity of the iPhone 15 Pro, the Korean “leaker” Yeux1122 dusted off his crystal ball last January, predicting this time that the iPhone 16 Pro which would benefit from storage of 2 TB maximum, where the limit was 1 TB until then.

Oled MLA screen on the iPhone 16 Pro?££££

A persistence which could prove to be profitable, since recently corroborated by another leak detected by the GSM Arena site. In addition to this maximized storage capacity, the source also indicates that the screens of the iPhone 16 Pro will be larger (in line with several older rumors), and that they will be equipped with Oled MLA (Micro Lens Array) panels allowing more brightness. and better visibility at wider angles.