Inside the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Hardly released when one of Samsung's latest smartphones, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, is taken apart to expose its guts to the air.

While it has just gone on sale, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is on the operating table on the YouTube channel PBKreviews. The aim of the maneuver is to disassemble the device to see what is happening inside its casing.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, large heat pipe and 9/10 for the repairability index ££££

In the video below, we see that the device -unlike Apple's iPhone- is relatively easy to debone, although the process requires the appropriate tools and a certain technical mastery. Thus, the channel gives a repairability rating of 9/10 to the device, compared to 7 for Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max (click to see its teardown). Otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is distinguished by a larger vapor chamber (or heat pipe) than before, allowing better heat dissipation and thus avoiding overheating. Useful in view of the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor specially modified by Samsung to increase its capacities exclusively for the Galaxy S. Note also tabs allowing the battery to be easily removed and therefore also replaced with minimal effort.