Apple Vision Pro Vs gravity (video)

Delight for sadists and Apple haters: the strength of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset tested by gravity.

It's apparently the custom: when a new Tech product comes out, Youtubers rush to attack it. Excellent for knowing if the device is solid, but also for satisfying one's most unacknowledged sadistic desires.

Apple Vision Pro, expensive but sturdy££££

All this to tell you that the YouTube channel AppleTrack decided to take down the new Apple Vision Pro headset to test its survival capabilities in the event of an accidental fall. Hot review: for such a heavy device, equipped at the front with a large glass surface, the headset is surprisingly solid. In detail, the Apple Vision Pro is dropped from several heights on thick carpet and hard parquet, and it is even bumped against walls to simulate an accidental shock when used in motion. As a result, it was only after the last test (fall from around 3 m high on hard ground) that the glass facade finally broke. And what's more, the headset continues to work perfectly.