Portable PlayStation and Xbox in preparation?

The two video game giants are reportedly preparing real portable consoles which will not arrive before 2026.

According to indiscretions collected by the Moore's Law is Dead YouTube channel, Sony is working on a new portable console, a real one this time, not a streaming device like the recent PlayStation Portal (see photo at the bottom of this news) .

Sony PlayStation portable with AMD…££££

Sony has already reportedly paid AMD to produce key components for the device, which is reportedly in its early stages of production. The console would be able to launch PS4 games, and even PS5 games as long as they are patched. It would therefore not require dedicated titles, reducing the work of developers. If it comes to fruition, the machine will not arrive for two years.

Following this rumor, renowned leaker Tom Henderson wondered if an Xbox of the same ilk would also be on the way. “Yes,” replied Jez Corden, another leaker known for his often proven predictions. No other details at the moment, although again we would have to wait a while before it arrives. In the meantime, know that a DIY genius compressed a PS5 into tablet format, and that another genius - French this time - managed to transform the Xbox 360 into a magnificent portable version (see photo above ).