The Last Town: a city against Silicon Valley and the invaders of the digital age

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the municipality of East Palo Alto is trying to resist the incursion of digital giants and real estate developers. Journalist and author Fabien Benoît is producing an immersive documentary series in three episodes on the courageous commitment of a handful of citizens against the excesses of Gafam.

In continuation of his investigative works, The Valley, a political history of Silicon Valley and Techno-struggles - investigation into those who resist technology (co-written with Nicolas Celnik), Fabien Benoît sets out to meet the locals who share “the impression of being under occupation”. Excluded from the economic miracle, they lead a daily battle against rising rents, evictions and the gentrification of their besieged city, once the cradle of the struggle for the three civics. Available on, YouTube and Arte's social channels.