Samsung Galaxy Z Fold at an affordable price in 2024?

Will the premium foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold join the affordable Samsung FE range this summer?

Smartphones with foldable screens are desirable, but still expensive, items. Perhaps not for much longer, however, since Samsung could release a Galaxy Z Fold FE this summer, alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold FE, first foldable smartphone at an affordable price?££££

This is what the Korean media The Elec reports, corroborating and clarifying a similar rumor that would run in the summer of the year last. As a reminder, FE designates a range of “more affordable” smartphones from Samsung, offering reduced-cost versions of certain premium models by modifying a few characteristics, with for example a Galaxy S21 FE. This would therefore be the first time that Samsung would offer a low-cost foldable, with the aim of increasing the penetration of this type of mobile, and capturing more market share in China.