Klipsch Austin Music City, compact Bluetooth 5.3 speaker

After our presentation of the Klipsch Nashville, it's time for another reference from the new trio of Music City Bluetooth speakers, an ode to iconic American music cities, the compact Klipsch Austin.

The new Music City range from Klipsch consists of a trio of Bluetooth speakers for a variety of uses, from the most nomadic to the most sedentary: Austin, Nashville and Detroit.

Klipsch Austin, the most compact Music City speaker££££

The Austin bass-reflex model is the most compact of the three, easily transportable with its weight of 397 grams. Bluetooth 5.3 compatible, the speaker is equipped with a 3.8 cm wideband driver supported by two 3.5 x 5.51 cm passive membranes to reinforce the impact of low frequencies.

Klipsch Austin Music City, Broadcast function££££

Like its big sister, the Klipsch Nashville, and like the The One Plus and The Three Plus references, the Klipsch Austin is equipped with Broadcast mode. As a reminder, the latter allows you to connect more than 10 speakers together, including those from the Music City series as well as, therefore, The One and Three Plus. The Klipsch Austin has a battery life of 12 hours for a recharge time of approximately two hours.

A word from Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of Klipsch££££

“Our all-new Music City line is an ode to country music and culture,” said Paul Jacobs , Chairman and CEO of Klipsch. We wanted to pay homage to the American cities that shaped the musical landscape and we achieved this by creating speakers that not only deliver exceptional sound quality, but also capture the essence of the cities of Austin, Nashville and Detroit ! ”.

Availability announced for 2024. Indicative price: 99 euros.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Klipsch Austin Music City speaker:

• Type: 1.0 speaker

• Speaker: 1 wideband 3.8 cm

• Load: bass-reflex

• Passive radiators: 2 passive membranes 3.5 x 5.51 cm to reinforce the impact of low frequencies

• Power: 10 W

• Sensitivity: 85 dB

• Frequency response: 70 Hz - 20 kHz

• Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility

• Battery: yes, Lithium-Ion, 12 hours of autonomy

• Dimensions (L x D x H): 105 x 44 x 105 mm

• Weight: 0.397 kg