The Night of the Comet finally on Blu-Ray: a delightful vintage post-apocalyptic film

After the cataclysmic passage of a comet, Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Barbara (Kelli Maroney) try to survive in a completely devastated territory. By taking refuge in the studio of a local radio station, the two sisters befriend a truck driver (Robert Beltran). Their lives are soon threatened by irradiated survivors transformed into zombies...

It was following a conversation about the end of the world between two teenage girls that director Thom Eberhardt came up with the idea for a post-apocalyptic film. If Dawn of the Dead and Mad Max remain its major influences, Night of the Comet, produced in 1984, takes a much lighter tone with the young sisters' shopping trips and improvised radio sessions in the midst of chaos.

An 80's soundtrack certified££££

Announced on February 29 in Blu-Ray/DVD combo (limited Collector's Edition) by Rimini Éditions, The Night of the Comet and its soundtrack its 80's will be offered in VO/VF DTS-HD MA 2.0 (dubbed mono) with French subtitles, in 1.85 image format. In addition, a 24-page booklet written by Marc Toullec: Two sisters and the end of the world. Indicative price: 24.99 euros.