Incubus, an untraceable horror classic with John Cassavetes

Overwhelmed by a series of murders and rapes, Sheriff Hank Walden (John Ireland) joins forces with Doctor Sam Cordell (John Cassavetes) to lead the investigation. The latter takes a strange turn when the boyfriend of the doctor's daughter starts having nightmares not very far from reality...

A small classic of horror cinema, Incubus is directed by a veteran of the genre, John Hough, to whom we owe remarkable films such as The Abuse of Dracula (1971) with Peter Cushing, The House of the Damned (1973) , The Bewitched Mountain (1975), The Starry Target (1978).

A diabolical combo for collectors££££

John Cassavetes, who completed Gloria in 1980, opposite John Ireland and Helen Hughes in this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Ray Russell. With its disturbing story about a predatory entity, Incubus inspired Sidney J. Furie who would direct The Hold (1982) barely a year later.

Announced on January 27 as a Blu-Ray/DVD combo from Rimini Éditions, Incubus is offered in English and French DTS-HD MA 1.0 with French subtitles, in 1.85 aspect ratio. On the Blu-Ray, we will enjoy interviews with John Hough (27'), Kerrie Keane (22') and Albert J. Dunk (27'). Indicative price: 14.99 euros.