CES 24 > QD Oled TV Samsung S95D: peak light update to 3,000 nits

Return to the Samsung S95D Oled TV series mentioned a few days ago in our columns after the announcement by Samsung Display of a light peak capable of reaching 3,000 nits on QD Oled 2024 panels.

The QD Oled Ultra HD 4K S95D 2024 TV series still has three references, like its predecessor the Samsung S95C from last year: the Samsung TQ55S95D (55'', 140 cm), Samsung TQ65S95D (65 '', 165 cm) and Samsung TQ77S95D (75'', 191 cm).

Samsung S95D, peak light at 3,000 nits

In terms of specifications, Samsung announced that the Samsung S95D televisions have a peak brightness approximately 20% greater than that of the S95C screens. We now know, following information communicated by Samsung Display, that the light peak of 2024 QD Oled TV panels is capable of reaching more than 3,000 nits (see our CES 24 news > 3rd generation QD Oled TV: light peak at more of 3,000 nits according to Samsung Display). Other major new features of the Samsung S95D diffusers are a new, incredibly effective anti-reflective coating called Glare-Free. A real thought trap.

Samsung S95D, what specifications?

For the rest, as already mentioned, the Samsung S95D televisions incorporate most of the characteristics of the Samsung S95C, firstly a native QD Oled 144 Hz panel or the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor (also known under the name Neural Quantum Processor 4K , NQ for Neural Quantum) already used on the brand's 4K Ultra HD TVs in 2023.

More details later.

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