Pristine screen for the iPhone 19?

Things are moving among Apple's component suppliers, and the iPhone screen free of all sensors (hidden under the screen) is arriving in a few years.

Rumors have been circulating for years about the arrival - one day - of a total screen on iPhone, namely a screen which occupies 100% of the front, without black hole, the photo sensors and others being hidden in underneath, therefore invisible.

Development of a UPC sensor for Apple by LG Innotek

According to Korean media The Elec, LG Innotek is focusing on the development of such screens, called UPC for Under Panel Captors. Objective of the maneuver, to be ready to provide Apple with a “total screen” iPhone which would arrive after 2026, therefore for the iPhone 19 at best. Technically, an “invisible” photo sensor placed behind the screen logically receives less light, leading to lower capture quality. LG Innotek is working on a multi-lens system and a new low-opacity substrate which, combined, would limit this loss of brightness. Medium-term goal, to go from a light transmission of 20% in 2023 to 40% in 2024, to finally meet the specifications of the Cupertino firm in 2026. Enough to convince Apple, which absolutely does not joke with its quality standards.

Before getting there, Apple plans to integrate an “invisible” Face ID in 2025 on the iPhone 17 Pro models.