CES 24 > LG S70TY: Wowcast soundbar, Dolby Atmos/DTS:X and Wi-Fi

After our news on the LG S95TR and LG SG10TY soundbars, the Korean manufacturer is communicating on a third soundbar, the LG S70TY more specifically intended for the brand's new QNED (Mini LED) TV series.

Once again, little information has been communicated by LG on the S70TY. We will have to wait for the CES show in Las Vegas or even a later presentation, when the new audio-video range is presented in spring 2024 for example, to know everything about the beast.

LG S70TY, third central HP

On the occasion of the announcement of the S70TY, LG specified that the latter will take advantage of the new support dedicated to LG QNED TVs allowing it to be accommodated and form a stylish and easy to implement set (without drilling any holes). hole or wall to associate it with the television itself in this configuration), like the LG SC9S appearing in 2022 (in photo below while waiting for a visual for the S70TY) and perfectly adapted to LG C3 Oled TVs . We also know that the LG S70TY has an additional central Up-Firing speaker, for a total of three on the soundbar (unlike the LG S75Q which it replaces), to which we can add two other suitable speakers on optional surrounds.

LG S70TY, Wowcast function inside

Like the LG S95TR and LG SG10TY, the LG S70TY benefits from the Wowcast functionality for a wireless connection between the TV and the soundbar, and optional surrounds. Namely, Wowcast includes the eARC function within its Wi-Fi connection to enjoy Dolby Atmos/DTS:X sound from the TV (SVOD application) and/or sources connected to the screen's wireless box.

LG S70TY, AI Room Calibration function inside

Similarly, the LG S70TY benefits from the AI Sound Pro function coming directly from the brand's televisions. This means that the adjustments made in real time by the TV depending on the nature of the signal are transmitted to the soundbar for even improved sound reproduction. Of course, the new AI Room Calibration should also be there to perfectly adapt the sound to the acoustics of the room. New, this now supports surround speakers regardless of their positioning - offset in height, not in the axis of the TV, offset from each other at the rear, etc. - to significantly improve sound immersion.

See you in a few weeks, in Las Vegas, to find out more.