USA streaming market, the Top 10

The UHD Partners conference was an opportunity to learn more about the streaming market in the United States. And by mirror effect, on the television market.

The Nielsen study, an American specialist in audience research, gives us interesting information about the world of streaming in the USA, its market share VS that of television, the market share of its main actors and on the emergence of the FAST phenomenon (Free Ad Supported Television. That is, linear television channels financed by advertising, most often broadcast OTT.

US audiences: TV down, streaming up

In the audiovisual content market, in terms of audience, we see that the streaming sector is still progressing in 2023 (see photo above) by totaling 37.5% market share in September 2023 (compared to 31.6% last year for the same period), unlike the television sector which displays 52.8% (compared to 58% in 2022 ).However, we see that this progression is at a slower pace than during the Covid-19 period during which the sector experienced an explosion in its uses. The consensus of analysts, while predicting a further decline in television audiences, also announces that its low point is near. If “traditional” television channels, free or pay, manage to preserve their sports contracts and their quality of information, their audience decline would therefore be close to an end. Only time will allow this to be verified.

Streaming services in the United States, ranking

The ranking of streaming services in the United States does not undergo major changes from one year to the next. However, new players are emerging, the FAST Tubi and Pluto TV services. If their audience is still low, it should grow significantly in the coming years and, perhaps, shake up the streaming landscape by diverting more and more users from paid services and modifying their economic balance. In the meantime, YouTube is at the top of the OTT services followed by Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu sharing third position in the ranking ahead of Disney+, Tubi, Max, Roku Channeln Peacock, Paramount+ and Pluto TV.