AirTag Vs Airline Round 2: Welcome to Jamaica

Another funambulistic story that encourages us to place AirTag trackers everywhere, just to prevent our possessions from being lost due to the incompetence of others.

The use of Apple's AirTag tracker is the source of many stories, often funny, sometimes not. The one that interests us today is reminiscent of a previous Canadian misadventure, and recounts the setbacks of a resident of the same country (definitely), Lorraine Pedersen who at the end of October saw her suitcase lost during of a plane trip.

Suitcase expected in Winnipeg, Canada delivered to Kingston, Jamaica

While she was on a domestic flight on WestJet between Toronto and Winnipeg, she had the unpleasant surprise of not finding her luggage on arrival. Luckily it took him to stick an AirTag tracker on it to realize that his suitcase was in… Kingston, Jamaica.

Suitcase poorly marked, proof by the AirTag

Notified, the airline maintains that no, that its luggage cannot be so far away since none of its planes were flying there on the day of the incident. The woman was forced to contact the Kingston airport herself, and discovered that her suitcase had left on a Swoop flight, a subsidiary of WestJet. Faced with WestJet's ill will, Pedersen called on the media CityNews (which reported the story) and as luck would have it, "In less than 24 hours, my bag was miraculously moved from Kingston to Toronto," the lady reported. Alas, with some stolen belongings...