Soon the end of Sony Xperia smartphones?

The manufacturer Sony could quickly shelve its Xperia brand dedicated to its smartphones due to anecdotal sales. But this would not mean Sony's withdrawal from the mobile market...

With a market share close to zero (< 0.4% at the start of 2023), the Xperia brand is now more synonymous with burden for Sony than perspective. Carried at arm's length by the Japanese group, without real success, for more than 15 years (birth in 2008 with the Xperia X1), it is rumored that Sony would be ready to take a radical measure at the end of 2024, putting the Xperia brand on hold and continue to try the adventure on the smartphone market with another name.

Sony Xperia VII, the first to abandon the Xperia name?

According to some of our Japanese colleagues, the expected release in 2025 of the Sony Xperia VII equipped with innovative technology concerning the Selfie camera (placed under the screen and therefore invisible) could be the first to formalize the abandonment of the Xperia name. Ahead of its competitors (the Apple iPhone would benefit from the camera process under the screen signed by LG only in 2027), this model would also allow a new design, all key elements to launch a new brand and create an event . One thing is certain, today ranked in fifteenth position in sales, the Asian manufacturer must react. Making a clean sweep of the past and getting rid of a poor history that is weighing down the reputation of Sony mobiles (which are otherwise excellent) may prove to be a solution. See you in 2025.