Fake AirPods X-ray

What better way to distinguish real AirPods from counterfeits than putting them through a medical scanner?

More than quality headphones, AirPods are a fashionable accessory, even an affirmation of one's social and cultural status. It is therefore normal that many of you want to acquire them, despite the relatively high price. And when a good deal is found, disappointment is sometimes expected.

AirPods call, insides revealed on scanner

There is in fact a whole counterfeit market, and many customers are fooled by an ugly copy with poor sound quality or devoid of the features of the original. If in appearance these imitations resemble AirPods, it is on the inside that the difference is made. And to find out what's going on inside, what's better than a medical CT scanner?

Lumafield, and the truth was…

The American company Lumafield specializes in this field and rents these beautiful machines for a little over $50,000 per year. But for the beauty of the gesture, Lumafield temporarily forgot the health aspect and diverted these scanners, in order to finally show us what is contained in the fake AirPods. It is naturally simpler and less expensive to debone them to reveal their insides, but it is still less pretty. In detail, the particularities of these fakes include: lower quality batteries, hastily soldered circuits, the absence of components (for wireless charging in particular) and even metal parts to give added value. weight to the whole.

In addition to their poor quality, these counterfeits are often dangerous, including batteries that can explode, or chargers that render devices unusable after simple use. To be avoided therefore.