Full-screen webOS interface on LG 2019 Smart TVs

The new webOS full-screen interface arrives on LG 2019 Smart TV models.

After the 2020 models last May, it is now the 2019 vintage LG Smart TVs which will benefit from the new webOS (Firmware update 05.40.09) in full screen via a software update.

The word to LG

Designed to resemble webOS 6.0, this new interface is available for the UM/SM LCD ranges, as well as the B9 Oled series and will soon be available for the 2019 C9 and E9 Oled series. "LG's decision to update older generations of televisions with webOS are part of the firm's new strategy aimed at evolving towards a "smart solutions company for life" (see our news More advertisements on LG Smart TVs in the future), explains LG, generating recurring revenue through advertising and advertising-supported services on devices used in consumers' homes.

Note that it will be possible to return to the old interface via the options menu, and that webOS 23 remains exclusive for 2023 LG television models.