Dua Lipa and Tim Cook, couch podcast

Overconsumption of smartphones, child labor in rare metal mines and other crucial subjects are addressed by the CEO of Apple, interviewed by singer Dua Lip. Yes Yes.

Tim Cook questioned by Dua Lipa? Nothing more surprising when you know that today almost everyone has their podcast, and when Dua Lipa invites you, even the busiest CEO in the world comes to spend 45 minutes on her couch.

Dua Lipa took advantage of this interview (below in video) to ask Tim Cook questions about his personal life, his career, the environment and more. She questions him in particular about the excessive use of smartphones, particularly among young people. Cook agrees, confirming that some people need to moderate their use, hence the “Screen Time” feature implemented by Apple.

Elise comes out of this body

Dua Lipa even pretended to be Elise Lucet and questioned Cook about the exploitation of children for the mining of rare materials necessary for the manufacture of electronic gadgets. And Cook responds that Apple is using more and more recycled materials: “But for the products that we continue to extract,” he adds, “we have a high level of traceability in our supply chain, up to the mine and the smelter, to ensure that the labor used is not childish.”