Apple Vision Pro, “Best Invention 2023”

Although it won't be released until next year, the Apple Vision Pro headset is already on the list of 200 innovations of the year that "change the way we live", recently established by Time magazine.

In its latest issue, Time magazine drew up its annual list of the Best Inventions for 2023, and Apple's Vision Pro headset already finds its place, even though it will only be available next year.

Virtual/augmented reality still shunned by the general public

Nominations were made by the magazine's editors and correspondents around the world, evaluating candidates based on several factors, including originality, effectiveness, ambition and impact. Most of the big “tech” companies are still seeking to make virtual reality a sector that affects the majority of the general public, in the same way as the essential smartphones. And it is perhaps Apple which will succeed even if the enormous problem of the price remains and does not plead for a wide distribution of the Apple Vision Pro. In any case, Time magazine was sufficiently impressed…

Time magazine has its say

"There are many things that make this headset unique, including the gesture controls - users can navigate with eyes, hands and voice - as well as the large number of applications it supports, comments Time magazine . An external screen displays users' eyes to communicate their immersion as they switch between augmented reality and virtual reality."