Yamaha Motoroid 2, the motorcycle that drives itself

A little glimpse of the future with this functional concept from Yamaha, of a motorcycle capable of balancing itself and following its owner autonomously.

“What will human-machine interfaces look like in the future? » A question that Yamaha asks itself, giving the answer an incredible motorcycle straight out of a science fiction film.

Yamaha Motoroid 2, the bike is your dad


The Yamaha Motoroid 2 - that's its name - is an evolution of the 2017 Motoroid (see video below), which already impressed with its features. Yamaha's concept is in fact capable of starting and balancing itself, then tracking its user using facial and gesture recognition technologies.

Yamaha Motoroid 2, straight out of Tron...

In terms of design, the device would not stand out in the best science fiction films, Tron for example, of recent decades. However, we are curious to see the bike in action with a rider, because the absence of handlebars in the photos in this news raises a lot of questions about its handling. The Motoroid 2 will be presented at the Japan Mobility Show from October 26 to November 5 in Tokyo.