The iPhone 15 Pro becomes… a computer

It's not really an official function, but on paper the power of the iPhone 15 Pro allows them to be real computers.

The DeX function has for some time now made it possible to connect your Galaxy smartphone to a screen to turn it into a real work computer. If the possibility still does not exist on iPhone, the power of the iPhone 15 Pro as well as their new USB port inspired the user @iOS_App_Dev on Twitter/X (see video below).

iPhone 15 Pro, a computer that can be controlled with a mouse

The hacker took advantage of the USB-C port of the Apple smartphone to divert its use and connect it to an Apple Studio monitor. In combination with a demo version of the infiniteX2P Studio application, designed for iPad and allowing you to connect your tablet to a screen, he made his iPhone 15 Pro into a small computer that can be controlled with a mouse. As the smartphone is not designed for that at all, the fluidity is not perfect, but the programmer thinks that his makeshift system can still be optimized.

Until the day Apple officially offers the feature to its users?