Amazon Echo Hub, new connected screen

Amazon presents its new connected screen to easily control home devices, the Echo Hub.

The Echo Hub is a new control screen from Amazon, designed to manage connected home devices in a simple and intuitive way. Naturally compatible with the Alexa assistant, like the Amazon Echo Show 8, the device is equipped with an 8'' (20.32 cm) touch screen and offers a dashboard to personalize according to your needs.

Amazon Echo Hub, nodal screen for a connected home

From this central point, you can activate your security system, start a routine, or view several feeds from connected security cameras (see first photo above). In terms of compatibility, the Amazon Echo Hub supports Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth and Matter protocols, thus supporting more than 140,000 connected objects: lights, locks, sockets, thermostats, speakers and others.

Amazon Echo Hub, dynamic display on the screen depending on the user's presence

Also note an infrared system which detects the user's distance from the screen and adapts its display accordingly: display of detailed controls when the person is nearby, standby display with clock if the person is located further away.

Available. Indicative price: 199.99 euros.